The Six Essentials of Stealthy Aging

Your secret advantage for slowing the aging process, extending healthspan, and creating a vibrant and resilient life.

You’ve been there for the people who needed you — children, aging parents, 

friends, family, partners.

You’ve spent decades putting everyone and everything else ahead of your own 

health and wellness.

And juggling all those flaming torches has taken a toll on your

body, mind, and spirit.

Maybe inches and pounds have crept up on you.

Maybe your energy is MIA, your brain is processing like a 1980s-era PC, your balance is as stable as a drunken sailor on shore leave, and your flexibility went the way of the elastic in those panties you bought back during the Bush administration.

The first Bush administration.

And somewhere along the way, you started believing the myths of aging:

that your expanding waistline, brain fog, fatigue, stiff muscles, achy joints, waning libido, and

uncanny ability to catch every infectious disease within a one-block radius of your home are

simply a result of more years.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

You may have even been told that all these maladies are

“normal for a woman your age. Here’s a pill to take for that.”

The unvarnished truth is: 

it is possible to slow and even reverse troublesome symptoms of aging, 

and increase healthspan.

Maybe not with the latest magic pill.

Definitely not overnight.

But with sustainable, affordable, evidence-based holistic lifestyle habits

that are proven to support our aging bodies.

And we don’t have to be elite athletes or celebrity biohackers in

order to enjoy an optimized healthspan.

But you do need an honest guide to help you sort out fact from fiction.

The wheat from the chaff.

The bogus from the bonafide.

Someone who’s lived through the frustration of sleep disturbances, spirit-crushing fatigue, excessive weight gain, bone and muscle loss, brain fog, depression, autoimmune issues ... but has thrived beyond those challenging times to enjoy vibrant, resilient health.

Someone who can encourage and support you, step by step, 

who can shorten the learning curve as you discover new effective, affordable lifestyle habits 

that can sustain your wellness for the long haul,

because she knows what it's like to feel like she's running out of time.

I'm Coach Susan Murray, the founder of

Stealthy Aging Holistic Coaching.

My course,

The Six Essentials of Stealthy Aging

distills concepts and strategies that help 

optimize healthspan

into short, easy-to-digest nuggets.

With this self-paced course, you're in control of which of the Six Essentials 

you address first: 

Mind Mastery; Old-fashioned Foods; Mindful Movement; Sound Sleep Hygiene; Toxin Temperance; or Fun & Play


You decide which areas of discovery and which strategies are most important to you. 

The lessons in this course are intended to present options you may not have heard of before, and inspire you to create the 

holistic lifestyle that best sustains your

optimal healthspan.

These are the same essentials and strategies that have helped me overcome my health challenges, and I trust they can help you, too.

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So, are you ready to start slowing the effects of time?

Are you ready to create a life of vitality, resilience, and joy?

Are you ready to put your own well-being first for a change?

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