The Six Essentials of Stealthy Aging

Your secret advantage for slowing the aging process, extending healthspan, and enjoying a vibrant and resilient life!

What you get for your $88.00 

This six-module, 30-lesson course covers the Six Essentials necessary for 

nurturing wellness and extending healthspan, including tips for making these strategies life-long habits.

Mind Management 

Mindful Movement 

Old-fashioned Foods, i.e. Real, Whole Foods 

Sound Sleep Hygiene 

Toxin Temperance 

Fun and Play

For each Essential, you receive a minimum of five practices delivered in short, easy-to-digest video and essay lessons, taught by a holistic wellness veteran and educator.

The entire course is delivered to you all at once; you choose which area of discovery and which strategies will serve you best at any given time.

These strategies offer affordable, effective, out-side-the box options, many of which may be completely new to you.

This course, and all updates, is yours for life, for a one-time price of only $88.00. This includes all additions and upgrades. 

These are the same essentials that help me feel better at 60 than I did in my 40’s, 

helped my daughter overcome the ravages of pediatric cancer treatment (she’s 15 years cancer-free!), 

and have helped other exhausted, overwhelmed women experience an uncompromising life of 

vitality, resilience, peace, and joy.

And lastly, you have the option to join our private Facebook group for support and additional resources.

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